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Prenatal Yoga

One of the best things you can do during your pregnancy is prenatal yoga! It helps calm your mind, tend to your body, connect with your baby, prepare for labour and birth, and also connect you to other pregnant women in your community!

Sarah is a certified prenatal and postnatal yoga teacher guiding classes in person (and sometimes online) in Golden, BC. *if there are no current classes, please don’t hesitate to reach out to ask questions about poses and modifications for regular yoga.

Current Class Series:


ZOOM option


Same time 😉

Sept 13-Oct 18

10 participants max

Yoga Room above Element Therapeutics

$105 for 6 week; $20 drop in if room allows

*Feel free to send an e-transfer to or register via PayPal

Prenatal Yoga

6 week series; in person or online


Here are a few tips about what to do/not do once you’re pregnant:

  • 1st trimester:
    • ​focus on rest
    • try restorative yoga or yoga nidra
    • really… don’t worry about doing much, just chill
  • 2nd trimester:
    • here you can get back to what you were doing before
    • listen to your body
    • a regular yoga practice (avoiding backbends and deep ab work- especially if you notice coning in your belly)
    • Prenatal yoga is superb!
    • walk
  • 3rd trimester
    • Prenatal Yoga
    • walk
    • take it easy
    • strengthen your glutes & legs
    • avoid laying on your back (alternately you can prop your right hip up to take the weight off of the vena cava vein)
    • avoid any forward ab movement
    • you can still lay on either side- whatever feels good

*Avoid Yin yoga throughout your pregnancy and while breastfeeding. The hormone Relaxin makes your joints susceptible to injury as your muscles are relaxed and not as supportive. This can lead to stretching ligaments or tendons instead of muscle which can nearly never be reversed. That being said, avoid deep stretches and stick to strengthening poses. As always, listen to your body!

Online Yoga Recommendation:

Expectful App : so good for fertility, pregnancy and postpartum. There are live yoga classes plus a lot of recordings. There are also daily meditations and chances to listen to talks with experts in the field. I personally loved using the app postpartum!

Start your 7-day free trial with Expectful

Wild Woman awakening

This fall I will be hosting a 13 week women circle, where we will gather in person roughly every two weeks. We will explore:

  • tantra
  • movement & connection
  • constellations
  • witchcraft
  • cacao ceremonies
  • rituals
  • weekly homework!

Space is limited to 13 participants! Please message me to reserve your spot.

Current Class Offering:



Sept 29- every two weeks ending Dec 8. BONUS potluck Dec 21

13 participants maximum

Location: private residence in town


Early Bird of $333 until Sept 3

Payment plan of $99 for 4 months

*Feel free to send an e-transfer or register via PayPal

Wild Woman Awakening


Wild Woman aWakening will invite 13 women into the mystery or themselves. We will gather in person on 6 occasions to remember who we are!

Evenings will include:

  • Sharing circles
  • Meditation
  • Partner Practices
  • Tantra, mantra & song
  • Movement: Yoga, dancing & play
  • Rituals (some crafting, some embodied)
  • Homework to connect with our sisters

This is a journey intended for those already on the path and wanting to go a bit deeper. If you’ve attended women circles, gone to yoga or any healing events and want to journey a bit deeper with your sisters, this is it!

We will be walking down a spiritual path of awakening and remembering.

I invite all of you to bring your own unique magick to the room and share your truth and wisdom with us all. This is a brave and judgement free space for us to be witnessed in our whole selves.

Are you feeling the call?

Message me to register!

Special Events

I recently held a constellation for a good friend and the results were so powerful and moving (not only for her but also for those who attended by participating or witnessing) that I feel the need to share this work publicly.

Most of the time, people don’t know what a constellation is (not the stars) until we experience it. It’s hard to put words to but it’s a form of healing/work where we get to ask a question (such as, “where does the anger in my family come from?” Or “how do I deal with my morning sickness” to “I just don’t feel a connection with xyz”) and then we surrender to the process and the representatives to show us what needs to be seen.

This work is very profound and the ripples can affect our whole family system (when we heal one, we heal for all). This work is also so needed in community for people to hold space and be held, to be supported and lovingly witnessed.

If you feel called, say yes and send me a message! Everyone is welcome here (all ages, genders, stages). There will be a break for lunch midday and it is being held in town. I’m happy to answer any questions anyone might have.

A day of Constellations

November 11, 11-5pm


Classes on Pause

Soul & Strength Yoga

Join this gentle and strength focused class to return to you: mind, body & spirit.

This class is perfect for new moms, those with hyper mobility, anyone with an injury or recovering from injury, and everyone wanting time to return to themselves. Sarah focuses on a well balanced nervous system so there is time for activation and time for stress release!

No current classes

Postnatal Yoga

I highly recommend waiting for 6 weeks before doing ANYTHING! There is the ancient practice of spending:

  • 2 weeks in bed
  • 2 weeks on bed
  • 2 weeks around bed

This is your sacred Fourth Trimester and it is worth honouring!

Once you have passed that 12 week or 3 month mark, feel free to get back to *gentle* movement listening to your body.

No Current Class Offering Specifically: Try Soul & Strength Yoga (I keep new moms especially in mind!)

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