Sarah Simone Doula

Supporting your journey through maidenhood, birth & motherhood

The word “doula” comes from the Greek word doulÄ“, which means “a woman who serves.”

Sarah became a doula because she wants every woman to feel like she has the support of the maternal village. Every woman should have her options known to her and be empowered to have the birth she wants.




A Doula’s Role:

A doula could never replace your birth partner, your medical team or even your voice! A doula is trained to support you and your partner emotionally and physically throughout the process of pregnancy, labour, birth and the early days with your little one!

Birth Matters

Think of Sarah as a sister, an aunt or an elder in your tribe; Someone who will walk the path with you as you reach down to meet your baby’s soul and bring them home with you.

It is time for us to reclaim our innate power of birth! It is time to remember and share that with the next generation.

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